Catch Them Young

DSC00381By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Young people need to be caught young while their missions are still fresh. Today LHM-Malawi have learnt several reasons why many youth, especially those between eleven and thirteen years, play almost all day out. We invited them to a meeting to find out from them why they play football from morning till late.

“I play to forget some problems I face at home.” Says William Chabwera.

While William is concerned with family problems, Yamikani Kadzakumanja says, “playing at this age helps youth to grow in football to a star.”

According to these young players, football games also help them to grow physically strong.

The simple interface with young soccer players made the LHM in Malawi to strategically uplift these talents and missions so that young dreams may be realized in future, given opportunities.

In the first place LHM will provide the young soccer team with a ball. Occasionally, the team suggested to conduct meetings where issues of behavior, cleanliness, education career talk, ministry mission, and football skills will be discussed.

Youth have potential talents and missions such that if they are given opportunities the youth will be good citizens at school, home and peer groups and help change the communities, not forgetting themselves.

LHM-Malawi Hails its supporters

By: Aubrey Bunguzu
Carrying the word of God and send it across the listening communities needs various efforts or means. LHM-Malawi ministry center disseminates His Gospel to Malawians through the efforts of ministry staff, volunteer groups from both the church and local communities. LHM also prays for any effort that an individual or groups of people put towards its program.

LHM-Malawi staff and volunteer team is praying for Chief Kalilombe for the support she gave to ministry team during rallies at Lizulu in Ntcheu.

On 25th June this year, the effort and support that Chief Kalilombe of Lizulu area in Ntcheu was exceptional. Kalilombe twice hosted the drama and music performances at his home ground despite being a traditional leader.

Traditional leaders, by custom, do not need to be associated to any religious group whose main purpose is to transform local people’s lives into God fearing people. It was culturally a taboo for Kalilombe to have done so.

“On Friday evening it was raining, he invited us to her home for the performances for free.” Reports audience relations staff.

At Lizulu trading center are several good buildings enough to accommodate the evangelism team. But no body volunteered to give the team a place for performances.

The following day, Saturday afternoon, hundreds of local people filled the ground even before the drama and music team arrived.

“people have come to this place automatically because they knew a chief gave it to Lutheran Hour ministry for activities, a thing which is unusual at Lizulu.” Answered one of the people who waited for the performances to start.

It was at this ground where so many people met Christ through messages of drama, music, Bible presentations, personal witness and interactions.

The outreach was good such that nine people joined the Lutheran church, 5 local listeners were referred to the church, and a link was made between the local community and the Lutheran Church.

LHM-Malawi staff and volunteers are, therefore, praying for the its supporters especially Chief Kalilombe and her entire family for a kind gesture she demonstrated to God’s people.

Prison Ministry

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

One of the reasons for conducting prison ministry in Malawi is to counsel and transform fellow people in prisons to respond to Christ messages.

The most effective strategy to transform them is administering of free Bible Correspondence Course (BCC). But marking the answered scripts of some the prisoners is difficult because, apart from illiteracy, many foreigners especially the prisoners of Ethiopian origin write in their own language (Aramaic). So, many LHM staff are failing to mark because of language barrier. We are praying to find somebody who may understand the language so that these Ethiopians are assisted.

“I have collected 87 answered scripts from juvenile prisoners at Kachere Prison, many respondents have written strange language that we are struggling to read and understand.” Reports Thomas Kitha, the ministry staff.

Apart from Kachere Prison, LHM is also administering free BCC at Byanzi Juvenile prison. We have extended the outreach to Byanzi to answer a request that Central Region Prison Official made during Kachere rally in May this year.

Kitha added that 89 young prisoners at Byanzi were taught about the word of God through a Bible study that was conducted on Friday, 24th June this year. He was encouraged to tell them more about the Gospel as many learners asked so many questions.

Our plan is to ensure all prisoners understudying the ‘Growing Faith’ series under free BCC program both at Kachere and Byanzi have graduated by July, 2016.

Lizulu linked to the Lutheran church

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Over 300 villagers heard the calling Gospel of Jesus Christ. The BCC program has engaged about 120 listeners to continue studying the word of God on their own. By the end of outreach event held at Lizulu Trading centre in Ntcheu District, 15 listeners requested for prayers, and 9 connected to the Lutheran church.

The Pastor, Reverend Patrick Siliya further requested the ministry to conduct Evangelism Training at Lizulu to strengthen the new relationship that has been established with the church. This is an opportunity that God has provided the ministry center to extend the reach and link as many people as possible to His church.

The rally helped us to reach isolated communities

A young and an old man sharing God's messages

A young and an old man sharing God’s messages

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

The rally that was recently held at Katewe Lutheran Parish in Dedza was an opportunity of reaching the isolated local communities.

Moses Masudi, one of LHM-Malawi volunteer team reports that, “I found an old man in his seventies around his home alone, and we discussed about the Good News of Jesus Christ and understood each other very easily.”

Many elderly people like this man in Malawi do not mix with the younger population when it comes to economic, social, religious activities because they assume not energetic, memory decayed, etc such that they marginally isolated.

But Lutheran Hour Ministry through its outreach activity-door-to-door evangelism makes a difference to all listeners including the elderly in Malawi.

Moses talked to the man while helping him constructing grass thatched fence

Moses talked to the man while helping him constructing grass thatched fence

the elderly are often isolated from this kind of social groups.

the elderly are often isolated from this kind of social groups.

Four Times One Household Members Benefiting from Women and Girls Program in Malawi

Dorophy Uledi in her bakery shop

Aubrey Bunguzu

It is very encouraging to discover that the seed money given to single woman or a girl is assisting about 4-5 members of each household through the Women and Girls Program in Mchinji District.

This was discovered when the LHM-Malawi staff conducted a snap survey at Kalulu trading center on Tuesday, 31st May, 2016 during the ongoing monitoring and evaluation exercise.

Out of 15 members of the first group that received seed money to empower themselves through personal economic activities, 8 women interviewed reported that the businesses that they initiated as a result of the program benefit an average of about four to five members of their families. Most of them are school children and husbands inclusive.

A 45 year old married woman-Dorophy Uledi-manages a mini bakery, and profits are used for school fees for her four children.

“I help my mum to bake scones, sell them because she pays me school fees and uniform out of this business.” Said her son.

The LHM team also saw plies of fish, second hand clothes and shoes that women beneficiaries opened with the seed money.

Even husbands support and welcome the program. Mr. Single, a husband to Mrs. Chisomo Single, thanks the program because, he says, his wife has something to do at trading center beside caring for children at home. The couple runs a mini shop.

A woman plying fish for sale at market place helps her to support her family.

A woman plying fish for sale at market place helps her to support her family.

Chisomo Single is one of the best small scale enterprenourer at Kalulu

Chisomo Single is one of the best small scale enterprenourer at Kalulu


Mr. Single testifying that her wife has improved the skills in business, and has now something to do now than before.

Mr. Single testifying that her wife has improved the skills in business, and has now something to do now than before.

Many people were told about the ministry and its programs

Many people were told about the ministry and its programs

Forty Ethiopians receive Aramaic Booklets

By:  Aubrey BunguzuDSCF7255.JPG

Forty young Ethiopians receive a free booklet of the gospel messages written in Aramaic language at the outreach function held at Kachere Juvenile prison in Lilongwe on Wednesday 24th May 2016.

Books covering various topical issues are believed to  counsel young Ethiopian convicts who look like isolated at the prison center.

The messages send to prisoners from many organizations at Kachere prison are hardly understood by three quarters of the young Ethiopians because most of it is presented in either English or ‘Chichewa.’

Very few were able to read the booklets in Aramaic but failed to translate into either English so that they (Ethiopians) can also share the message to the rest of prisoners at Kachere center.

Mr. Mphatso Thole, Country Director for LHM-Malawi advised those Ethiopian boys who were able to read and understand the Aramaic to ensure they share to members so that issue of isolation is minimized.

He also thanked LHM Ministry in Ethiopia for sending the booklets to Malawi because without which LHM-Malawi would not be able to interact effectively with young Ethiopians at Kachere Prison.

Apart from the booklets, young Ethiopian inmates also received assorted items prepared by both the ministry and the women prayer group of ELCM.DSCF7184.JPGDSCF7208.JPG




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