Radio Program

DSC_0393[1]By: Aubrey Bunguzu

LHM-Malawi expressed concern over the maternity leave of a woman radio presenter (name withheld) who anchored radio programs in 2015-2016 Fiscal year.

The woman in her 20s is a Muslim employed at YFM where LHM-Malawi run its proclamation broadcasting programs to youth and her dedication and creativeness towards the programs contributed more than what anyone could have done.

After hearing news about her maternity leave from YFM staff, Mphatso Thole, the Country Director, complained because “she was salt to our radio programs.”

Often in our society it is very rare for Muslims to do interactive jobs for Christians to avoid being exploited, but with this presenter, it was exceptional to God. We believe the Christian messages she used to give to the public have impacted her conscious and the rest of her family. Let us all pray for God’s Spirit to continue proclaiming in their souls.

The news was learnt in Zomba while LHM-Malawi staff presented the first radio program for 2016-2017 Year soon after signing contract agreement with YFM.DSC_0384[1]DSC_0385[1]DSC_0388[1]

Youth Outreach again

-45565910795498__608x1080-ARGB_8888-788074338By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Many people especially the needy fail to recognize what God has done to them through spiritual outreach activities. Giving a scripture literatures seems waste of time because people are in great need of material gifts and provisions.

It is different with young prisoners at Byanzi Juvenile camp in Dowa. Young prisoners at Byanzi hails LHM-Malawi ministry for bringing to them the word of God through the free Bible Correspondence Course (BCC).

Namon Chonde (not his real name) says juveniles have enough time to do other things apart from serving the sentences.

“The free Bible course helped us to spend times profitably. Apart from playing games during free time I and my friends here at Byanzi held study groups teaching each other the word of God from these booklets.”

Namon is one among 89 BCC learners who completed the course and then have graduated.

Certificates presentation was done by Audience Relations staff franked by Officer In-Charge of Byanzi Prison.DSC_0376-45565503273868__1080x608-ARGB_8888-1798988527-45565955459884__1080x608-ARGB_8888-360596588 -45566239138930__378x213-RGB_565-1881788345-45566252863073__378x213-RGB_565194522090-45566198947766__378x213-RGB_5651803233662

Radio Program

DSC_0292[1]By: Aubrey Bunguzu

A 20-minutes radio program this year will run in concurrent with a 1.20 minutes jingle every week in Malawi.

The Country Director, Mphatso Thole of LHM-Malawi agreed on this development with George Chirambo, the Marketing and Development Officer for Yoneco FM Radio, in a meeting held at ministry center in Lilongwe on Thursday 28th July 2016.

There will be more programs and jingles this year. The marketing Officer for YFM said has offered some of the programs at reasonable fee because LHM-Malawi has also chosen YFM again this year to do its programs.

The jingles that target young people will be produced by young journalists whose voices and presentations will match with fellow youth groups.

The jingles’ messages will be tailored so that young listeners are referred to the ministry through whatspp, facebook, weblog and phones.

Women and Girls Program

DSC_0274By: Aubrey Bunguzu

LHM-Malawi, on Wednesday 27th July 2016, conducted training empowering women and girls in handling financial issues affecting their lives.

Women and Girls empowerment program aims at equipping vulnerable females with economic knowledge so that they coupe with financial hardships and improve female statuses at home where men are dominant in decision making.

LHM trained 135 women in business and economy matters, after which each received seed money for various business ventures favorable to them.

Among the trainees were very young girls some of them are still schooling but with financial hardships, others just got married so early because they lack parental care.DSC_0276DSC_0281

Pastors’ Retreat

DSC_0244By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Pastors’ retreat and the Pastors’ Academy are being conducted at Lilongwe Cathedral starting Friday 22 ending Saturday 30 July 2016. Almost 50 pastors from all Lutheran Parishes in Malawi attend the sessions. LHM attended the opening occasion and had link with Pastors who have been contacting the ministry with little access. Therefore, so many pastors came to LHM office requesting for literatures, ETS badges, topical booklets, public rallies, etc.

Catch Them Young

DSC00381By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Young people need to be caught young while their missions are still fresh. Today LHM-Malawi have learnt several reasons why many youth, especially those between eleven and thirteen years, play almost all day out. We invited them to a meeting to find out from them why they play football from morning till late.

“I play to forget some problems I face at home.” Says William Chabwera.

While William is concerned with family problems, Yamikani Kadzakumanja says, “playing at this age helps youth to grow in football to a star.”

According to these young players, football games also help them to grow physically strong.

The simple interface with young soccer players made the LHM in Malawi to strategically uplift these talents and missions so that young dreams may be realized in future, given opportunities.

In the first place LHM will provide the young soccer team with a ball. Occasionally, the team suggested to conduct meetings where issues of behavior, cleanliness, education career talk, ministry mission, and football skills will be discussed.

Youth have potential talents and missions such that if they are given opportunities the youth will be good citizens at school, home and peer groups and help change the communities, not forgetting themselves.

LHM-Malawi Hails its supporters

By: Aubrey Bunguzu
Carrying the word of God and send it across the listening communities needs various efforts or means. LHM-Malawi ministry center disseminates His Gospel to Malawians through the efforts of ministry staff, volunteer groups from both the church and local communities. LHM also prays for any effort that an individual or groups of people put towards its program.

LHM-Malawi staff and volunteer team is praying for Chief Kalilombe for the support she gave to ministry team during rallies at Lizulu in Ntcheu.

On 25th June this year, the effort and support that Chief Kalilombe of Lizulu area in Ntcheu was exceptional. Kalilombe twice hosted the drama and music performances at his home ground despite being a traditional leader.

Traditional leaders, by custom, do not need to be associated to any religious group whose main purpose is to transform local people’s lives into God fearing people. It was culturally a taboo for Kalilombe to have done so.

“On Friday evening it was raining, he invited us to her home for the performances for free.” Reports audience relations staff.

At Lizulu trading center are several good buildings enough to accommodate the evangelism team. But no body volunteered to give the team a place for performances.

The following day, Saturday afternoon, hundreds of local people filled the ground even before the drama and music team arrived.

“people have come to this place automatically because they knew a chief gave it to Lutheran Hour ministry for activities, a thing which is unusual at Lizulu.” Answered one of the people who waited for the performances to start.

It was at this ground where so many people met Christ through messages of drama, music, Bible presentations, personal witness and interactions.

The outreach was good such that nine people joined the Lutheran church, 5 local listeners were referred to the church, and a link was made between the local community and the Lutheran Church.

LHM-Malawi staff and volunteers are, therefore, praying for the its supporters especially Chief Kalilombe and her entire family for a kind gesture she demonstrated to God’s people.