BCC Outreach helps bringing the Word to Muslims

By: Aubrey Bunguzu
On Tuesday 24th February 2015 we had wonderful opportunity to share the living Word of God with more than 150 school children at a Bible Correspondence Course graduation ceremony held in Lilongwe City.

It was an opportunity because by nature the school children are always busy with their activities during and after school work. Some of these children come from non christian families, and are not allowed to participate in such type of christian ceremonies.

But 150 children from schools Kafulu and Biwi Primary came to receive their certificates after completing the Bible Correspondence course (BCC) on either ‘Growing in Faith’ or ‘Real Life’ series.

On the day 46 children out total 124 who completed the (BCC) received certificates issued by Reverend Spencer Mngongonda of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi (ELCM). The remaining students will be getting their leaves individually because they could not make themselves available on this particular day.

The good story is that the ceremony brought about 15 Muslim children closer to the Christian church to receive their certificates. These children were being assisted by fellow learners in attempting questions on answer sheets, and this helped them to complete the course. They were very glad to receive certificates together with other christian children.

Before presenting certificates Rev. Mngongonda, who is also Board member of the ministry, took children through the Bible Study in which he engaged students to join together in sharing the Gospel as children of God.

He emphasized that Christianity is unique in the sense that it is a sign post to salvation.

“Other religions cannot march with Gospel truth of Jesus Christ who says ‘I am the way, truth and light’ so no other religion speaks truth about salvation of mankind like Christianity.” confirmed Mngongonda.

A graduate leading opening prayer

A graduate leading opening prayer

Cross section of Graduating students

Cross section of Graduating students

Students searching the Word of God during Bible Study

Students searching the Word of God during Bible Study

Presenting a Bible-Rev. Mngongonda

Presenting a Bible-Rev. Mngongonda

Issuing certificates

Issuing certificates

Playing guitor

Playing guitor



By: Aubrey Bunguzu

It is common thing to see people being converted to Christianity through preaching the Word of God despite that some are brought to God through our acts.

Again very few people out there do not believe in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ through acts of giving because they think things serve the body not the spirit.

But the acts of giving to other people illustrates the oneness of the church in the power of God and sow seeds in the hearts of our listeners or onlookers.

Today Reverend Oswel Simwela of Chitipa Lutheran Parish in the northern part of Malawi is testifying about how oneness in the church has attracted outsiders to join his church.

Reverend Simwela says Mr. Madolo Simbeye in August 2012 joined the Lutheran church after being amazed with large kinds of assorted gifts which members of the church presented to Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Bvumbwe a week before.

Dr. Bvumbwe, the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi (ELCM) during one of his visits to Chitipa Deanery in August 2012 received assorted gifts of thanks in form of bags of maize, goats, a cow from congregants in a colourful ceremony.

The act of giving to the Bishop amazed Mr. Madolo Simbeye, a senior government officer in Veterinary Department because the ceremony demonstrated a kind of Christian solidarity to him.

Mr. Madolo observed this when he visited the kraal where the animal gifts were kept before transportation to Lilongwe where the Bishop resides.

In Malawi animals are not allowed to be transported from district to another without the medical certification from veterinary officials, and Mr. Madolo’s job was to do that.

Seeing how the church members joined hands to offer various gifts to their leader, Mr. Madolo could not resist but declare to have joined the Lutheran Church family in front of Reverend Oswel Simwela.

“We can teach the Gospel to convert people to the church, but sometimes other activities such as this kind of social gathering prompts outsiders to be part and parcel of us.” Delighted Rev. Oswel Simwela noted.

It is true that other people think that such kind of conversion happens because converts most of times do so to have a share of the gifts, but Rev. Simwela observed that Mr. Madolo’s scenario is exceptional.

Mr. Madolo saw the love, unity and solidarity of the Christians to come together and cheer their spiritual leader in such a ceremonial way.

Meanwhile Madolo is a dedicated communicant member of Lutheran church based in Chitipa Parish.

According to Reverend Oswel Simwela, Mr. Madolo Simbeye is not the only convert who came into the Lutheran church in this way. Rev. Simwela sighted Mr. Black Simfukwe as another outsider who joined the church in the District two months before this because he was overwhelmed with how Christians demonstrated the spirit of giving to church pastors.

Dean Oswelo Simwela of Chitipa Deanery

Dean Oswelo Simwela of Chitipa Deanery

Muslim Outreach Possible in Malawi

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

While it is difficult to reach Muslims with Gospel of Jesus Christ in Malawi, the LHM-MALAWI is able to proclaim Him to school children in Lilongwe because the office is closer to them.

Children like these drop in our office at least every lunch hour each school day of the week to enroll into BCC program.

About 31 percent of this group are Muslims coming voluntarily to get a booklet so that they study the word of God on their own at home. Pupils are coming from Biwi and Kafulu Primary Schools located at an average walkable distance of about 400 metres soon after knocking off.

By looking at the faces of these children it is difficult to identify who is a Christian or a Muslim because everybody is happy with the lessons. The children are receiving their first lesson of Real Life series.

May we all pray to God to continue giving such opportunities in Malawi and elsewhere in the world!

BCC Children & Zomba Visit 077BCC Children & Zomba Visit 077

Reception staff instructing BCC child students in office

Reception staff instructing BCC child students in office

BCC Children & Zomba Visit 086

LHM Volunteer Feels Good after sharing Good News on Radio

Lester Weluzani presents a program on radio

Lester Weluzani presents a program on radio

I thank God for the wonderful time I had at Maziko radio station after LHM-Malawi management sent me to present a program which is aired on this radio every Wednesday at 5:00 to 5:30 pm.
The program is called ‘Growing in Faith’.
This time we talked about the alcoholism in parents and the possibility that their children can copy the behavior.
This topic attracted phone calls from audience some were in agreement others disagreed with various reasons.
You can as well write down your comment here.
Stay blessed!!!!
Lester Weluzani, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Activities photos

LHM-Malawi for the past six months invited thousands of people to hear the word of God at its rallies, ETS workshops. These were done at Chigumukire congregation in salima, Manondo village in Dowa other places.LHM 2014 Photos 088LHM 2014 Photos 107LHM 2014 Photos 167LHM 2014 Photos 224LHM 2014 Photos 307LHM 2014 Photos 335LHM 2014 Photos 378LHM 2014 Photos 376LHM 2014 Photos 487LHM 2014 Photos 489LHM 2014 Photos 553LHM 2014 Photos 101LHM 2014 Photos 474

I Was Sick, You Visited me!


The word of God teaches us that a person cannot please God if he/she does do good with people around.

God wants us to love one another while living on earth because that pleases Him most and we can do this work only when we are still living.

There are many people in our communities who are battling with stress, anxiety, depression which mostly develop as a result long term illnesses.

This is the time when such people need our love and attachment. It is also the time for those that are helped, touched and assisted can appreciate God’s love that is manifested through His people’s acts.

Mrs. Moreen Mngongonda, of about 40 years old, this month expressed gratitude to Lutheran Hour Ministry team who visited and cheered her family while she was sick.

On Saturday January 10th the six member team traveled for five kilometers to Area 24 township in Lilongwe city to comfort Mrs. Moreen Mngongonda who fell sick from Malaria attack.

The news about her sickness reached the team after Judith Madetsa broke it to the group.

Judith is Moreen’s niece and she is also LHM-MALAWI volunteer team member.

“we spent short time sharing the word of God with Mngongonda family from the book of Romans 12:13 which says ‘rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering…’” Reports Samson Mofolo, a team leader.

The group sung praise hymns, and offered prayers for Doreen’s healing.

The group also presented a 2litre bottle of Orange Squash, a drink for the patient and wished her God’s healing.

Reverend Spensor Mngongonda, a husband to Moreen made a reflection on what Jesus said God will do to us on the judgment day when some us will receive glory just because we visited and cheered the sick-‘I was sick you visited me.”

Reverend Mngongonda who is also LHM-MALAWI board member thanked the team and asked the team to do the same to other people.

LHM-MALAWI volunteer team is a well disciplined, motivated, reverent to God and committed in the ministry work.

Currently we have 9 active young volunteers working with the ministry in drama, music and personal outreach ministries.

They Use Our Ignorance To Advance Their Ideology

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

The mass rallies that the Lutheran Hour Ministry evangelism team in Malawi (LHM-Malawi) conducted late this month made many groups of Chigumukire Lutheran Congregation to reunite again with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi (ELCM).

Chigumukire Lutheran Congregation is situated at about 20 kilometers northern part of Salima District Office along the shore of Lake Malawi, and previously had an average number of 100 congregants before the number dwindled naturally to as low as 30 adults.

In recent mass rallies that LHM-MALAWI conducted at Chigumukire, many groups of people including the choir members came back and reunite with the church after they learnt more about love of God to His people through Equipping The Saints (ETS) workshop, Music and Drama and personal contact and dialogue.

During ETS workshop, amid discussions on how Islam is advancing in our societies, a young man of 21 years of age named Maxwell Mathias stood up and spoke more on Muslims tactics because some time back he had experience with their ways.

He said his friend is a Muslim and a friend used Mathiasi’s lack of knowledge about Islamic and Christian teachings that he could not differentiate between the two religions, and thought the two are the same.

“I think I should learn more about the two religions so that I make informed decision and defend my faith with justice, because these Muslims use our ignorance to advance their ideology.” Mathias interrupted the facilitation on ‘Reaching Muslims and Traditional ,’ soon after Mr.Mphatso Thole (Director) mentioned that Muslims rarely use Qur’an but mostly the Bible while evangelizing to Christian community.

Mathias also reported to a class of 34 lay Lutheran members on training that this friend (he did not want to disclose the name) has a prepared questionnaire and confront young people including Mathias to counter argue with what Christians believe, for instance, that Jesus Christ is Son of God because according to them it is blasphemous to God.

Maxwell was given enough time to explain his conversion to Islam and every participant was amazed, and shocked with the story because Mathias is old enough to use his common sense to denounce the religion however ignorance superseded the little knowledge he had about the truth of Christianity. Instead Mathias was referred to church through Dean Reverend Henry Makawa to continue teaching and nurturing Mathias.

While Maxwell Mathias wants someone to teach him about Christianity, Mrs. Veronica Kazembe who, four years ago left the Lutheran for a pentecostal church in the same area, stood up among congregation and announced she has now onwards reunited with her church and ask the fellow Lutherans to pray for her and her family.

During the Church service at a time of receiving new members, Dean Reverend Henry Makawa pastor responsible Salima Parish including Chigumukire congregation Mrs. Veronica said “I have come back from where I left to, may the congregation pray me and my family so that I remain faithful to my former church. We cannot stay there, I detected that there is difference of worship, and Lutheran is unique.”

A youth choir group that disbanded due to traditional religion also regrouped this time when LHM-MALAWI evangelism held music and drama at Chigumukire. The group members, energetic, dedicated and committed in nature one by one dispersed away and joined the traditional initiation ceremonial groups of local community and forgot about their role in the church. The drama and music that were performed by young people as well attracted and won local youth to be engaged in the church activities throughout the Outreach program.

The power of god through LHM-MALAWI team worked in the hearts of the lost people at Chigumukire and brought them back to God’s service. May the good Lord abundantly bless those who prayed for this ministry in various ways.


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