LHM Message Sent Across Malawi

DSCF4489By: Aubrey Bunguzu

“A good servant of Christ Jesus must not look upon him/herself down because he/she is young, but be strong among believers, in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” “In his letter, Paul wrote this to encourage Timothy, who showed signs of inferiority among the people he was about to serve.” “So, avoid despising yourself in God’s mission, because if you do so people out there will definitely reject you.” Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop J Bvumbwe said this advising a gathering of young people on August 20, 2015 at Lilongwe Cathedral during the inauguration of church’s seventh National Youth Assembly.

“It is also written in Scriptures that ‘adults will dream, while youth will prophesy’ (Job) so do not belittle yourself when witnessing Christ to people, God entrusts you to do His Great Mission-to proclaim.” The Bishop continues.

At the inauguration ceremony, LHM-Malawi participated in performing Music whose message depicted the meaning of this year’s National Youth Assembly’s theme: “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers, in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity.”

It was an opportunity for LHM team to meet about 40 youth representatives from nine Deaneries across Malawi.


Innocent Kaphinde-former LHM evangelism music team member now the Acting Youth Secretary in ELCM

LHM-Malawi’s music message, and the message about who we are will filtrate deeper into the Deaneries whose congregants have little knowledge about the ministry.

National Youth Chairperson

National Youth Chairperson


LHM Music group


Even the Country Director had time to meet top church officials


had opportunity to come together as one witnessing Christian community

had opportunity to come together as one witnessing Christian community

Mr. Mike Lulanga Happily Gives Musical Instrument To The Ministry

DSCF4413By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Mike Lulanga, a youngest Board member of Lutheran Hour Ministry in Malawi donates a Lead Guitar towards the Ministry Centre’s music ministry.

Some board members of organizations serve for political aspirations, business contacts, public visibility and status among the reasons, but Mike Lulanga desires to make a difference and demonstrate his Christian commitment to evangelism cause.

“I joined Lutheran Hour Ministry as a volunteer in 2002 because of music which changed my life, I have therefore given this Guitar to increase ministry’s outreach efforts to reach and change lives as well , my commitment to scale up evangelism.” He says.

Lulanga who looked very happy presented the Guitar to Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Bvumbwe Bishop of the partner church Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi (ELCM) amid Board Meeting on Saturday 8th August 2015 at Lilongwe Cathedral.

Then on Sunday 9th August, the Bishop consecrated the gift before a congregation and present Guitar further to Mr. Mphatso Thole, the LHM-Malawi Director.

Dr. Bvumbwe then in his speech encouraged Lutheran members to emulate the kind of generosity that Mike demonstrated to the ministry.

“If we don’t sing Jesus will raise up stones to sing for the Lord.” He said while the congregation clapped hands for the truth.

The ceremony also enabled the ministry evangelism team to showcase outreach talents before the congregation. For instance Mike Lulanga rejoined his old music group (Lutheran Hour Band) and plucked the new Guitar while presenting a song of praise. Samison Mofolo also read the Good News before pastor presented a sermon. We finally received the Holy Communion.

Briefly Mike Lulanga joined the Ministry as a drama and music volunteer in 2002, and left after joining the Malawi Armed Forces in 2013. Currently he is serving in the Board. He is talented in plucking guitar, acting drama and writing stories. After presenting his gift to LHM-MALAWI ministry band, Mike promises to use his free time to train music team members in plucking the Guitar up until someone do it well.DSCF4400DSCF4407DSCF4409DSCF4412DSCF4423DSCF4427DSCF4443DSCF4444DSCF4445

Mike strikes a new guitar

Mike strikes a new guitar


Samson Mofolo-Second Reading

Samson Mofolo-Second Reading

July started in style with LHM-Malawi

By: Aubrey Bunguzu As early as 2nd to 4th July this year we entered into month while proclaiming the Gospel to thousands of people in Salima Parish. We held first rally at Malapa I and then on the second day we were at Malapa II-like a whistle tour. On Sunday we wound up the trip by attending to worship service at Malapa Lutheran congregation. At all these occasions the response was marvelous, more important achievement of all is that even Muslim women and men scrambled to grab a book from our volunteers to study the word of God on their own. It is our prayers that the work that we started in these people’s hearts God will care for them to eventual personal relationship with the church. The following photos illustrate the beauty of the rallies in Salima.DSCF4170DSCF4168DSCF4197DSCF4178DSCF4183DSCF4190DSCF4213DSCF4219DSCF4237

Bed Net Distribution Reveals God’s Love to People

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

DSCF4359There are millions of very extreme poor people around us who we think are helpless and cannot contribute anything towards our lives, what remains is to bury them with our wishes. But God is not a man, He sees everyone equal before Him, and plans and works such that He calls us all to be the best stewards of His resources to support one another for His Glory.

On Tuesday, 28th July, 2015 the Lutheran Hour Ministry distributed free bed nets to over a hundred local people especially children under five years old and pregnant mothers to help in reduction of Malaria infections which is the major killer disease to these vulnerable groups.

About 10,000 people live in communities around Kachikho village clinic, majority are children and women who according to the Health personnel are killed quickly due to lack of preventive measures like sleeping in bed nets.

“Malaria attack kills children and pregnant mothers quicker than adults, so these nets need be used promptly and cared for.” Boswell Chisamba, the health personnel told the recipients.

Boswell Chisamba further presented a practical lesson on the best ways of using the nets to ultimately check the mosquito bites to children and pregnant mothers.

However the recipients learnt such preventive measures as cleaning and draining water lodging premises where mosquito could bleed and treating the nets with recommended chemicals among others.

But Samson Mofolo, one of LHM-MALAWI team told mothers and children that God works are unconditional, He loves everybody even though some people downsize us because we are poor, and He wants everyone to live abundant life.

“Jesus Christ healed a lame and the paralyzed man at the Pool in Jerusalem, who many people saw as useless and the one who is worthy being thrown out. He stayed at the pool for days to get help from people around to enter the water and get healed but none, only Jesus Christ felt pity about him and told him to ‘rise and walk’ free.” Samson preached from Book of John 5:1-9 to a gathering of about two hundred people.

He said that there are a lot of wealthy people within our localities, who despite being whispered by the Spirit to help the vulnerable people in fight against such ailments as Malaria, they pass-by us and think we are done, “but God is not a man, He sees us as His people.”

Samson thanked all people who have shown care and love supporting the the needy with bed nets and wished them a blessed life and Glory to God.

The Bed Net project is done by Lutheran Hour Ministry-Malawi with support from the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCM) partners. Our main Goal is to alleviate the impact of malaria attack among vulnerable groups of people especially children, pregnant mothers and the poor so that they have a healthy life which God wants all to live.DSCF4399DSCF4371DSCF4390DSCF4367DSCF4360DSCF4354DSCF4339DSCF4342DSCF4365DSCF4364

Multipurpose Hall at Kachikho is Set to Relieve Health Issues among Village Communities

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

On our visit for a follow up at Kachikho on the Multipurpose Hall Project we were horrified to see the church building close to the site full of women and children receiving health services from two Health surveillance officers and wondered what would happen in one to two years time if the services continue being offered in such set up.

The Village Clinic serves about 10,000 local people from fourteen villages in Under Five clinic, Family Planning, Immunization and other minor sicknesses.

The church building in which services are being done is extremely very small and dusty not suitable for conducting the provision of such health services to people.

But the community and the Government workers have expressed a sigh of being relieved because one of the goals of the Multipurpose Hall project is to accommodate such health provision as one way of reducing harm caused by lack of social amenities like hospitals and schools in the area.

One of the Health Surveillance Assistants, Boswel Chisamba told LHM-Malawi Director that the communities and the Health officers are optimistic the Multipurpose Hall will help to improve health services at Kachikho village because on one hand medicine and equipment will be stored in a bit more conducive room. On another hand the hall is more spacious than the church building which is currently in use.

Boswel Chisamba said, “we attend to an average of about 175 people with various health cases each day. We are conducting Under 5 Clinics once a month because of lack of structures like store room and space, but this challenge will be reduced because on other more days of the week we will be using the hall that Lutheran Hour Ministry has constructed for the communities here.”

Majority of health cases include the water borne diseases since villagers drink untreated water. Malaria is also major causing agent of instant death of people especially the vulnerable children who frequently die while on their way to receive medical treatment to distant health centers.

“The Village clinic was launched after we received many unconventional deaths of the sick people on their way to Matapira or Mtenthera Clinics which are more than ten to fifteen kilometers away.” He added.

Kachikho Multipurpose hall will contribute to community efforts in battle to save many innocent people and improve psychosocial lives in this part of Mazengera Area in Lilongwe North East constituency, Malawi.

Generally the hall is meant to be used for people to receive health, economic, preschool education and social gatherings. It will also be used for conducting the Bible Vocation School (BVS) by Lutheran Hour Ministry-Malawi.DSCF4325






Impact of Kachikho Multipurpose Hall Project Continue to surface

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Local residents at Kachikho village have expressed gratitude to the Lutheran Hour Ministry for the multipurpose Hall project and said have been empowered to dream and uplift people’s lives in the area.

According to Group Village Headman (GVH) Penga children and women who were vulnerable to travel longer distances to schools and health centers will be relieved immediately the project is completed.

On Friday 26th June 2015, GVH Penga, a leader of more 12 smaller villages in part of Traditional Authority Mazengera in Lilongwe north east constituency says there are more than a thousand children who do not attend basic education due to longer distances to either Mphangula or Matapila Primary schools.

He adds that if young children dare crossing longer distances they became vulnerable to colds, fatigue, hunger and heavy rains in rivers.

“Because rivers flood in rainy season children are advised not to go to school or else they would be washed away.” Continues chief Penga.

The Local Development Committee (LDC) and the traditional leaders have plan to start using the building for preschool education where children will be learning English, Mathematics and Chichewa among other learning areas.

In order to uplift the lives of these children and women the LDC and local leaders dream about constructing a clean water storage at the project site and at villages where they come from to assist in reduction of water born diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and bilharzia which kill many children in Mazengera area.

Meanwhile the anti natal and village clinic are done in the church building but once the hall is finalized the villagers expect to transfer health services into the hall which will be more comfortable and spacious.

GVH Penga spoke this on behalf of his subjects and villagers at a rally held very close to the Multipurpose Hall at Kachikho Village.

The rally was organized to give farewell to International Volunteers from US after they stayed at the project site for five working days.

The rally was beautifully characterized by sharing Gospel to local people through free gifts, music, drama, speeches, Bible study and encouragement. Ministry staff and volunteers distributed 350 Bible Correspondence Course booklets to listeners for free. The rally was attended by more than 2,000 people on this day only. There were pastors, Health workers, local leaders, children, women and men participating in the rally. Mrs. Ruth Kandoje, the Chairperson presented a welcome speech on behalf of entire LHM Malawi Board.DSCF4127DSCF4131DSCF4135DSCF4138DSCF4140DSCF4144DSCF4149DSCF4147

International Volunteers Project Activities Gives More stories in Malawi

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Kachikho Multipurpose Hall project being implemented in Traditional Authority Mazengera, in Lilongwe North East constituency, Malawi is being constructed by Lutheran Hour Ministry-Malawi (LHM-Malawi) with support from US Volunteers from St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Set from Monday 22nd of June 2015, the project has already started showing an impact on lives of many local people at the project site.

The project was necessary because it unveiled both social and technical skills among local and the international volunteers.

There was transfer of building skills between the two groups, as it was noted that Malawian women taught American women that in local settings women travel long distances to fetch water, and water has to be carried on their heads in pails and basins.

Participation of women also demonstrated that they have well received the project as theirs and would care for it in future.

International Volunteer Team further shared with local volunteers tools and knowledge in brick laying and technical know how throughout their stay in Malawi.

Mrs. Susan Huser testified this during the farewell ceremony on Friday 26th of June 2015 when we held a mass rally on public square in the village.

“we are now brick layers.” Susan who is a Team Leader said this while presenting a brick laying tool to Mr. Mtambalika, the building technician of the project.

Nevertheless, the team taught ministry staff the best and easy way to share the Gospel with children.

About 300 children were invited and taught the right way to salvation by sharing to them beads and explain the meaning of each bead color.

Talking to Susan, she advised us to use local crafts and produce tools of similar nature to share the Gospel to children. We have these and many more success stories to present to our readers about the International Volunteer Project in Malawi.DSCF4105DSCF4087DSCF4088DSCF4077DSCF4069DSCF4116DSCF4120DSCF4075


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