Volunteer Speaks about Open Air Rally

By: Aubrey BunguzuDSCF6192

This is witness story told by Sometimes Kalilangwe, LHM-Malawi volunteer.

Kalilangwe starts story by acknowledging that preaching can not only be done at the pulpit but even at an open place through drama can play a major role in bringing Christ to the nations and nations to church.

This has been revealed at Kapesi Primary School in Dedza District where Langitoni Banda one of the dwellers of this area expressed that he has been greatly touched with the dramas Lutheran Hour Ministries Malawi performed during the Open Air Evangelism organized by the Ministry in the area on January 23, 2016.

Kalilangwe talks about how Mr. Langiton Banda, 57 who participated in the outreach events at Kapesi School ground.

“Mr. Banda, he has never ever been accessed to the word of God in a dramatic way as LHM-Malawi has shown to him. Kalilangwe reports.

“He was very impressed with what LHM-Malawi has done to my life, even to the communities around this area. For a long period of my life I have never ever been accessed to the living word of God related to what this group has done to my life.” He writes.

According to Kalilangwe, Mr. Banda shared that besides the entertainment that this group has performed dramas, the evangelism team really transformed people’s lives including him.

It was noted that most people in this modern life greatly prefer social life that is of music and drama such that disseminating the Gospel through this as how LHM-Malawi is doing can really reach many people at a time.

“Many people in these days like music and drama. This is an indication that the work of LHM-Malawi is really reaching many audiences at once. Flocking to where there is entertainment is one of the alternatives one can not miss. On the other hand, edutainment attracts our hearts and make us not to forget what we have seen and heard” Kalilangwe quotes Banda.

The dramas performed have really reflected to the family challenges that are being facing by many spouses nowadays.

“It is therefore so good that the teachings in all the dramas are to give us hope in Jesus Christ and keep us grow in our faith in Him so that all the problems we are facing can only be solved by our Lord Jesus.” Kalilangwe concludes the report.

“Growing in Faith” was among the dramas that was played by the group that received overwhelming response both entertainment and comfort in time of challenges where the play is stressing faith in Jesus Christ as the only way of overcoming all the challenges people face on this earth.

Before the Open Air Evangelism, LHM-Malawi volunteers were engaged in door to door evangelism as one way of reaching people in their own places and share the word of God so that every individual has access in this living word.

At the end of the program over 20 participants in the Equipping the Saints seminar were given Certificates following their completion of the seminar. About 37 local people requested and enrolled in Bible Correspondence Course. Willingly 3 young girls connected to the church. After all the rally engaged 27 youth who performed live choir, and 6 women who provided hospitality to the evangelism team.

LHM-Malawi uses drama, music, door to door evangelism, Bible Correspondence Course and many others in making sure that the word of God is being disseminated to every body in the country even those areas that are considered to be hard to reach.

Women scene

Women scene


One of village boys who herd cattle attended the rally

One of village boys who herd cattle attended the rally

Bicycler stopped and watched the drama

Bicycler stopped and watched the drama

Part of audience

Part of audience


Children were encouraged to learn the Word of God at Sunday School

Children were encouraged to learn the Word of God at Sunday School

Rev. Patrick Siliya thanked the LHM Ministry

Rev. Patrick Siliya thanked the LHM Ministry

During ETS closing ceremony, one of graduates demonstrating how to witness using Witness Beads that participants learnt at the seminar

During ETS closing ceremony, one of graduates demonstrating how to witness using Witness Beads that participants learnt at the seminar

Reception of ETS certificates

Reception of ETS certificates


ETS Graduates

ETS Graduates

We experienced an Increased Responsibility

DSC08303By: Aubrey Bunguzu

Number of listeners to the LHM-Malawi’s “Growing in Faith” radio program, who accept that caring for the grieved youth is their responsibility increases.

On Wednesday 9th December this year, the Country Director, Mphatso Thole, together with Audience Relations Aubrey Bunguzu had a panel discussions at Yoneco FM radio station.

We received more positive responses from guardians and parents who have changed minds and take care for the needy youth within their neighborhoods.

Listeners were challenged by a provocative question that required critical thinking whether it is good or bad to reject grieved youths on religious and cultural grounds.

For the first time, 16 listeners confessed they were wrong, and will take the responsibility caring for the youth.DSC08304DSC08305DSC08305DSC08306DSC08307DSC08308

Helping Children to Understand Christian Faith

DSCF7247By: Aubrey Bunguzu

At the Aviation College, students cannot miss up expressing their needs to know which factors that support the aircraft to keep flying into the sky for hours. Scientists are then challenged to put forward convincing ideas so that students can believe in their theories.

Lutheran Hour Ministry also faces similar challenging inquisitive interests from its clients, especially when students learning the Gospel through the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) request to know What Lutherans Believe.

During the Bible Correspondence Course graduation ceremony, held on 5th December, 2015, Audience Relations staff for LHM-Malawi Ministry briefed 25 students about some of the Lutheran Beliefs using the illustration of Witness Beads.

Students were very happy to learn some of the what Lutherans Believe, and all took beads to their homes. Having different faiths, it is anticipated, therefore, that the news about the what Lutherans Believe has reached the communities of the students.

Beads in different colors, teach that Black-we are born with sin; Red-Christ’s blood, He died for us; White-we are now washed white as the bead; Blue-because we are baptized and become a child of God; Green-we need to study God’s word and grow in faith; Yellow-when we die, e go to heaven forever and see God’s glory; Clear-Holy Spirit helps in keep our faith; and Knots on ends-Jesus is with from the beginning to the end.

Meanwhile, LHM-MALAWI Country Director, Mr. Mphatso Thole thanks the International Volunteers from St. Paul Lutheran Church in USA for donating various outreach materials especially the Witness Beads in August, 2015.DSCF7248DSCF7249DSCF7245DSCF7244DSCF7243

Youth Ministry Bearing instant fruits

20151025_110158By: Aubrey Bunguzu

This is the story of Joana Malinga, 13, who has changed her mind to go back to school after sharing constructive ideas with friends during the seminar that Lutheran Hour Ministry facilitated at Kachikho Project site in Lilongwe rural northeast constituency.

Joana comes from Makwenda village very closer to the project site where the seminar was held. She is young girl from a poor family of seven children, and she is the sixth born.

The 13th year old girl attended her primary education at Mphangula School in the same area, and attained standard eight, a primary school leaving certificate examination class in Malawi.

She was doing well in class tests. But challenges she always faced at home made her to drop out of school.

Some of the challenges faced, according to Joana, were poor financial support from the parents because the parents had to care for many children at once, but they were so poor.

“I wanted to continue with education, but my father, a mere peasant farmer, was occupied with several responsibilities including feeding, clothing, and caring for us children of which it was impossible.” responded Joana to Lutheran Hour Ministry staff.

Joana Malinga attended the seminar that Lutheran Hour Ministry organized from Friday, 2nd to 3rd of October 2015 at Kachikho Community Hall where young people shared awareness of issues affecting them.

Through group discussions, presentations and meditations young participants shared among them issues of early marriages and pregnancies and their vices that was meant to prepare young people to develop necessary resilient decisions and grow morally health.

They had also to learn about resource management skills so that youth are able to manage time, finances, materials and energies properly as tool to develop economically.

Lack of knowledge in resource management have negatively impacted the lifestyles of youth in the area such that some of them indulge in promiscuous sexual behaviors neglecting education and remain poor.

“In almost every village there are two or more girls who have dropped out of school so early before completing primary education, a thing that worries the future of our young people’s lives.” Group Village Headman (GVH) Penga reports.

GVH Penga is senior local leader who looks after at least thirty villagers (subjects) in Mazengera Area. He attended the seminar together with other three local leaders to witness the initiation learning activities.

However at the closing ceremony on Sunday Joana Malinga, out of all her fellow youth told the gathering of ministry staff, parents, guardians and the local village leaders in attendance that the seminar had been an eye opener to her such that she opts for going back to school and become an independent woman in future.

Joana said, “the seminar has changed my mind to go back to school, because I have now seen that education has no age limit.”

How then Joana will proceed with her education? “But I need external support from well wishers to help me go ahead with education. Initially I will ask my relatives to lay a foundation for my support.” suggest Joana.

There are so many young people at Kachikho project area facing various ills due to ignorance. Holding such kind of youth gatherings will give youth an affordable platform for youth to share ideas how they best bail out themselves from social, economic and cultural traps they are in.

October’s seminar drew only 40 boys and girls from 39 villages who have not yet entered into marriages but some might have experienced early pregnancies.DSCF7137DSCF714620151025_111939

Youth Program

On the second day soon after attending the session

On the second day soon after attending the session

Story by:   Aubrey Bunguzu

Fourty youth group is equipped in best ways to resiliently overcome impact of negativity, promiscuity, early marriages, early pregnancies as well as lack of knowledge in time, human, and financial resource management skills at seminar held for two days-23th to 24th October, 2015 at Kachikho village in Traditional Chief Mazengera area in Lilongwe.

The group is expected to graduate on Sunday, 25th October, 2015 where hundreds of local villagers will attend to witness the send off function. The seminar centered on theme: ‘Youth Living a Soft life.’

Facilitation by Mphatso Thole, Country Director

Facilitation by Mphatso Thole, Country Director


Sharing ideas in groupworks

Sharing ideas in groupworks


Participants had presentations

Participants had presentations

Miss Bertha Munkhondia facilitating on early pregnancies and marriages

Miss Bertha Munkhondia facilitating on early pregnancies and marriages


Ntcheu-A Muslim previously living closer to Christian communities becomes an active Christian.


This is the story of a 30 year old Jackson Jakobo presently living at Tsangano Trading center in Ntcheu.

Jackson Jakobo became an active member of Evangelical Lutheran Church preaching point recently established at Tsangano in the district after he lived with Christians in Salima before he moved to Tsangano three years ago, and later came into contact with the Lutheran Hour Ministry staff in 2014.

When talking to ministry staff in March, 2014 Jackson said, “I lived with Reverend Dean Henry Makawa in Salima the time I was in relationship with my wife Steria because Steria stayed with the pastor.”

Jackson further revealed to staff that he is a Muslim by tradition, all his family is Islamic, and it was very difficult for him to turn to Christianity, even though the pastor did not talk about Lutheran church.
“what made me to be interest with the religion and Lutheran church is none other than the life I was found in (pastor’s family life).” He said.

“despite being a member of a non christian family, Pastor Makawa treated me as his real son, and Steria as a daughter, such that people from outside did not differentiate me from them.” Continued Jackson, who looked very free.

While in Salima, and after joining the Lutheran church, Jackson participated in church activities.

“I took part in choir groups, youth works and attended church services as a normal Christian.” He remembers.

Lutheran Hour Ministry, in its activities to extend the outreach to Ntcheu District where there was no Lutheran church available until 2014, started its project at Tsangano trading center where staff met Jackson Jakobo and his wife Steria.

It was on March 7, 2014 when ministry staff met Jackson who has moved from Salima to Tsangano Trading center where he remembered the ministry staff.

A long conversation with him resulted in Jackson being engaged as ministry volunteer in marketing and distributing free booklets and recruit listeners in the Bible Correspondence Course program.

Bible Correspondence Course program ran from March, 2014 up until this year October 13th 2015 when Lutheran Hour Ministry held a mass rally at Tsangano to strengthen the relationship that BCC has initiated between the ministry center and community.

On sunday 14th October this year, Lutheran Hour Ministry established a preaching point starting with four people including Jackson, Steria, plus other two members.

Jackson Jakobo and Steria are ambassadors of the Lutheran church and the ministry at Tsangano as their job is to make sure that the preaching point live and grow with support from the church.DSCF4963DSCF4873DSCF4871DSCF4860DSCF4857DSCF4856DSCF4900DSCF4952

Youth Activities sharing Good News

LHM volunteers at shows

LHM volunteers at shows

By: Aubrey Bunguzu

LHM Malawi volunteer team ganged up with the rest of youth community performing varies shows including live drama, music, demonstrations and speeches at a 2015 National Youth Assembly in Lilongwe in August.


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